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Evolution of R-Evolution Living 

Three brothers, drawn together by the desire to create a change in the world for safer living, invented R-Evolution Living. Now, homes, businesses, schools, stores and all structures can be safe from the ravages of nature.

After ten years of calculations, research and development, the patent for the basis of R-Evolution Living, the Roig StrongBox, was approved. From this, great things are happening.

To learn more about:

  • How we can save families and businesses
  • The untold damages brought about by tornadoes, hurricanes and eathquakes nationwide
  • The thousands of lives lost and injuries suffered
  • The billions of dollars in property damage
  • The difference with R-Evolution Living
  • It's modular design and upgradability
  • It's luxury offerings
  • It's GREEN materials and technology
  • It's versatility
  • It's affordability

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So, exactly what makes the R-Evolution Living(TM) house different from conventional home construction?

The R-Evolution Living(TM) house utilizes a structural concept which we affectionately call the “StrongBox”. The StrongBox is an innovative system that allows the entire structure to know and react to what is going on at any one point of the structure at any given time. It's the skeleton of our VPUs. When a heavy wind hits one corner of the building, the other corner knows about it and responds. Conventional construction is basically a series of small pieces put together to create a whole. If you put a force on one end, the rest of the building cannot “help” the parts that are in distress. A R-Evolution Living home acts as a single entity, so the strength is through the entire Strongbox structure, much like that of the human body.

What is a "VPU"?

A "VPU" is R-Evolution Living's Velocity Protection Unit. Each Strongbox becomes a Velocity Protection Unit upon completion of finshed construction, whether it is in the form of a home, business, school, store, storage facility, etc. "Velocity Protection" meaning protection against items or entities that incorporate velocity to incur some kind of damage upon objects they strike. For example: wind, water, airborne projectiles (from high winds or blasts), or objects pushed into it from these same forces. Anything the wind can move, the VPU can protect you against.

How does this structure work, exactly?

The main premise of a R-Evolution Living(TM) VPU, is a principal we refer to as an “Adjacency Structural Matrix” or ASM. ASM is a series of components that rely on the adjacent components in order to gain additional strength. So, instead of a wall required to be 16 feet thick in order to resist the immense force of an EF5 tornado’s 235 mile-per-hour wind, a series of patented components called “ribs” transfer the force to the adjacent members. The floors and ceilings, therefore, now accept the resistance to the force against the wall. Similarly, the exterior walls are now 11’-6” tall “beams” resisting the forces at the roof and at the end walls. This entire system is then linked together so that the unit acts as a living, single, extremely strong component.

Why does this system work better than other tornado-proof homes?

There are many reasons R-Evolution Living works best. Anyone can create a tornado-proof home if you throw enough money or structural limitations at it. You can dig a hole, surround it with concrete and dirt and call this underground bunker your home. You can weld steel to make a “cage.” But, have you priced the cost to make 1,000 continuously welded joints?

Due to cost and/or a lack of aesthetics, most people choose not to live in what is known today as tornado-proof structures. Consumers often prefer to absorb the risk, costs and more appealling nature of tornado-resistant structures over tornado-proof structures - and developers respond to those preferences. R-Evolution Living(TM) however, is revolutionizing the choices available to both consumers and developers by making tornado-proof structures not only safe, but also affordable and attractive.

It’s important to note too, that unlike other tornado-proof structures, R-Evolution Living homes, offices , store fronts, hospitals, storage facilities, etc., are constructed of renewable materials. Wood is the only resource we have that can be grown to replace what we use.

A wood-framed house is lightweight,affordable, and can be transported as a mobile home. R-Evolution Living(TM) uses the existing technology of truss fabrication to erect it. As a result, the cost of a R-Evolution Living(TM) home or commercial-use property is relatively the same as a conventional wood-framed home, which is still the least expensive way to construct a home in America.

Another advantage of R-Evolution Living is its modularity allowing for easy upgrades or additions. Finally, the special truss system in the R-Evolution Living home allows for unprecedented openness to the great outdoors and innovation of design. If one chooses, the exterior walls of the home can be a continuous wall of glass.

Fire-proof? Really?

Yes. Although the VPU is made from wood, it can still be made fire-proof up to 3,000 degrees. This is done through a few different options available. By applying a special coating to all the wood components during assembly, incorporating high-temperature resistant flame-proof windows, and using a high-tech fire-proof paint on the interior walls, R-Evolution Living can provide it's customers with the comfort of knowing it is fire-proof throughout. Note, this does not make the contents of any VPU fire-proof.

Secure from what kind of blasts?

With special vent panels and a proprietary design, our VPUs are capable of containing virtually any size internal blast. This offers protection from ruptured fuel tanks, compressors, pressure valves, and a variety of other needs that can cause additional damage, production issues or injury to those within proximity. Our VPUs can also protect the contents from external blasts. This is dependent on the size of a blast and the distance from that blast. For more information on how this works, please contact us and request a copy of our white paper describing the specifics on this.

What's this about resisting the effects of sink-holes?

With the helical anchors we use, they penetrate the earth to 200 feet. This offers support beneath the occurrance of most sink-holes. If the VPU can span [like a beam] across a ground opening or failure such as a sinkhole of 20' in diameter or less, it will stay intact. In normal construction, any condition that is "localized", i.e. concentrated to only a portion of the structure, would normally cause a failure. ASM technology (see How does this structure work, exactly? FAQ above) allows the structure to resist any localized effect by distributing forces across the whole structure. So things like sink holes, ground failure, tornados, earthquakes, even impacts, have increased resitance to failure. The VPU acting like a beam gives it astronomical increases in strength.

What are these trusses that you talk about in the R-Evolution Living house?

The StrongBox, with its “Adjacency Structural Matrix (ASM),” is a patented concept. The ASM leverages two types of trusses: a modified Vierendeel "Roig" truss and a “rib” truss. The "Roig" truss is a truss which eliminates diagonal bracing. This allows for continuous rectangular openings enabling for continuous passage, doors and windows. These trusses have been modified to accommodate just enough diagonal webs to make the truss cost effective. The “rib” truss is a special single -cell truss which incorporates the same moment –frame transfer as a Vierendeel. Since wood is inherently a material which does not easily accept moment transfer, a special design was created to allow for this. Think of it as an envelope that flexes and reacts to or resists forces/moments at every joint.

What is “moment"?

Moment is basically the opposite of a hinge. Take a playing card and put it on four toothpicks like a table. Obviously, the card is not going to stand up. That is because each joint existing between the top of the toothpick and the playing card is a “hinge.” Now, if you glue the toothpick to the card, it can stand up, but the glue will have to be strong because the forces are very great on the tiny area that the end of the toothpick has against the card. But, what you now have is a leg that transfers “moment” to the card. Very special systems have to be created in wood to allow for this, but the truss industry has enormous capability.

Who came up with this special system?

The special moment resistive design was created by Daniel Roig SE, a partner of Roig Associates LLC, in conjunction with experts from the truss industry. The ASM was conceived by Charles Roig ALA, back in Architectural school; he used this concept in a thesis project.

Where can these R-Evolution Living(TM) VPUs or commercial-use properties be located?

A R-Evolution Living(TM) home or building can be located anywhere that a conventional house property can. Plus many other possibilities. The R-Evolution Living(TM) VPU is monolithic, so, in addition to a flat or hilly site, R-Evolution Living(TM) homes can be placed like a bridge to span a stream, floated over land on piers, and true to its purpose, be placed in any area that threatens tornados, hurricanes and/or earthquakes of any intensity.

R-Evolution Living(TM) homes can be built, as our incredible Visiot model exhibits, on rising pneumatic columns to avoid massive storm surges. The innovative and flexible design enables the transportation of the home or building from one place to another, as an upscale modular home that can be moved to a favorite location. Or, once again in the case of the fabulous Visiot, the owner who has put her or his life into their dwelling has the opportunity to move their multi-million dollar habitat to a gorgeous site that they prefer over their current locale.

When are we going to see these R-Evolution Living(TM) homes built?

A prototype is currently underway and there are plans to have a working model constructed within months of the prototype. Interest is building nationwide, so it is only a matter of time before you see R-Evolution Living(TM) VPUs in your home town.


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