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Re-Inventing The Way You Live.


R-EvolutionLiving, Inc.

Tornado-proof      Hurricane-proof      Earthquake-proof    Blast-resistant     Intrusion-secure

$1.2 million and 8 months to build...

15 seconds for a tornado to destroy.

We are Saving Lives One Home at a Time

One School, Office and Store at a Time Too!

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims of the devastating disasters (Fairdale IL 2015, Moore OK 2015, Washington IL 2013, Sandy 2012, Joplin MO 2011, AL 2011 to name just a few) that have recently ripped through the US. Our deepest sympathies to those in all the states hit, for their losses.

American made. American strong.

Our patented VPU* can withstand a direct hit from an EF5 tornado.

It is not a steel box, a "safe room" or a concrete bunker. It is not in the ground, ugly or unaffordable. So why throw good money after bad? If you build or rebuild with the same lack of technology or design, the same results will occur when you need to be safe.

Anything the wind can move, R-Evolution Living, Inc. can protect you, your family, your business or your valuables from. Our VPU's are made from the only renewable resource, wood; and yet are able to be fire-proof! They can even be powered by another renewable resource, the sun. Take a look.

* Get used to hearing the term VPU {Velocity Protection Unit} because they will soon become an industry standard! Once you have one VPU, you won't settle for anything else.

Build on your land or ours. Is your land unsuitable for construction? Not with R-Evolution Living. We can even resist the effects of Sink-Holes!Contact us to learn more.

We Have Just Added a New Series to Our VPU Product Line.

f t W

One death from a cataclysmic wind, water or seismic event is one too many. It is also completely unnecessary. Rethinking the way houses are built can change this.

Living quarters have been built in relatively the same fashion for thousands of years. The belief has always been that builders should try to accommodate the average climatic and environmental conditions and leave the extreme events to probability. This logic is unacceptable.

What if a house could be built of the affordable elements of residential construction to withstand a direct hit from an EF5 tornado or Category Five hurricane? Better yet, what if they could be any design ranging from a mobile home to a luxurious residence of 18,000 square feet or more?

R-Evolution Living, a result of over a decade of forward thinking, has acheived this.

 How is R-Evolution Living different? Our VPUs are:

  • Tornado-proof, Hurricane-proof, Earthquake-proof
  • Secure against small blasts from inside or out AND Fire-proof possible
  • Able to resist the effects of Sink-Holes
  • Safe, affordable, attractive and GREEN
  • Made from renewable indigenous resources
  • Luxurious and upgradable
  • Backed by Insurance companies
  • Protecting you even while you sleep

R-Evolution Living is an innovative new structural concept which offers rigidity unsurpassed in today's residential market. R-Evolution Living also offers the ability to be interchangeable. The owner of a multiple unit may initially choose a layout with a master bedroom and nursery and later change to a design featuring an expanded gourmet kitchen.


Interiors include:

  • Hardwood floors
  • 9'-4" ceilings
  • High-end appliances
  • Granite counters
  • Upgradability

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R-Evolution Living was created through the joint efforts, design, calculations and determination of:

Charles Roig, ALA, AIA Recognition Award winner, Silver Key Award winner - State of Illinois

Daniel Roig, S.E., SECB, P.E., PhD, SEAOI Board member, Wood Truss Specialist

Robert Roig, BS/BA, ASEE Board President, National Sales Award winner, recipient of Rising Star Award

2008 - Illinois

Patent File No. 47871-108793

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